March 2024 – Online session month!

To get Spring 2024 off to a great start, I am offering 15 minutes of extra time during all online sessions in March.

March, the month of spring and major cleansing, is also the ideal time to clean up on a spiritual level!

You don’t need to do anything extra when booking. The session automatically lasts 15 minutes longer.

Looking forward to seeing you!



What all can I do for you in those extra 15 minutes?

You can have additional tarot cards laid for additional questions, have a reading done, have me look at your astrology (based on date of birth or other important dates) or numerology (based on numbers).

How do online sessions work?

Online session happen preferably via WhatsApp. Telephone is also possible.

Does it work as well as regular face-to-face sessions?

Yes it works just as well. Through your voice, I receive your energy and my spiritual powers are triggered, allowing me to see things, lay cards. Optionally, you can send photos if you want to know certain things about people or objects.

In which language are the online sessions?

Online sessions are in Dutch or English.

Promotion valid until 31.3.2024