UPDATE: Hi, I have been suffering from a flu and don’t want to make you sick. Therefore, the full moon promotion will happen on January 13 and 14. You can change your booking online or app me for a new time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

On Saturday 7/1/2023 it is full moon. This full moon yields strong spiritual powers.

So, because it is a special day, everybody who books a session on that day gets a present.

And the gift is the GS signature spiritual oil to provide relaxation and spiritual peace.

You can choose between tarot reading, aura reading, reiki, spiritual healing, spiritual hot stone massage or a full moon cocoa ceremony.

You can choose between:

  • Signature full moon cocoa ceremony: During this unique and luxurious session, I use the beneficial effects of cocoa for a healing meditation, breath work, singing, music and other ceremonial elements. 
  • Tarot Cards: I like to use the Tarot cards as a tool to see what is coming.
  • Aura reading: I use specific questions and my gift to get in touch with your soul and see in depth what is not visible to yourself.
  • Reiki: Reiki is a natural way of healing where life energy is passed on usually during a table treatment where a laying on of hands is used.
  • Spiritual cleansing: Cleanse your body of all negative energies.
  • Different luxury packages: These are composite packages from tarot, reiki and gemstone treatment that offer you a luxurious experience.

The sessions are in Antwerp in the neighbourhood of the Meir/Theater district.

I really hope to see you!